Makgoba escaped by digging a hole under the wall of his cell.

Makgoba: Kgoshi Mamphoku Makgoba

Makgoba Kgoshi Mamphoku Makgoba came into conflict with the government of the South African Republic when he stood up against what he thought was not right, even if it meant being arrested. Read about how Commandant Swart Barend Vorster (who we met during the Siege of Leboho) enters the picture, what happens when Makgoba resists Read more about Makgoba: Kgoshi Mamphoku Makgoba[…]

The howling of jackals came from the dancers wearing headgear made of the skins of jackals.

Makhado: Defender of the Vhavenda

Makhado In a previous extract, we read something about Dimbanyika, the first Vhavenda King south of the Limpopo. Generations later, we encounter Makhado and learn of his struggles to defend the Venda people and keep them united. Under threat from the Portuguese and the Boers, he also faced division from within. After assuming the kingship, Read more about Makhado: Defender of the Vhavenda[…]

A lucky hunter could bring home fat rock rabbits for the pot.

Dimbanyika: First Vhavenda King South of the Limpopo

Dimbanyika Much of the story of Dimbanyika has been lost, but those that remain agree that he is the one who began the unification of the Venda clans, becoming the first Venda king. Dimbanyika is one in a long line of disappearing kings, and stories of his death are the stuff of legends. Tied up Read more about Dimbanyika: First Vhavenda King South of the Limpopo[…]

Moshesh was presented with his first horse by Lipholo, Moorosi’s dignitary.

Moshoeshoe Book 2: Chief and Statesman

Moshoeshoe Book 2 From the second book of three about Moshoeshoe(Moshesh), we read about this great statesman’s attempts to make ThabaBosiu a place of peace. Not everyone agreed with his decisions, though, and the Koranna were a disturbing force in the area at that time. By the summer of 1829, about five thousand people were Read more about Moshoeshoe Book 2: Chief and Statesman[…]

A herd boy came across the body of a slain warrior.

Moshoeshoe Book 1: Forging the BaSotho Nation

Moshoeshoe Book 1 We meet Moshoeshoe(Moshesh) at a time when news of his settlement on ThabaBosiu had spread. People came from far and wide, refugees looking for food and shelter. Not all people came in peace, however, and Moshoeshoe and his people were threatened on more than one occasion. Matiwane had survived the time of Read more about Moshoeshoe Book 1: Forging the BaSotho Nation[…]

Nghunghunyani sent two enormous elephant tusks to the British Governor of Pietermaritzburg.

Nghunghunyani: Exiled King and Freedom Fighter

Nghunghunyani: Exiled King and Freedom Fighter Nghunghunyani, son of Muzila, was determined to defend his military and diplomatic independence at all costs. In this extract, see how he attempts to keep his multi-ethnic and multi-cultural kingdom intact. He could not predict that wooing the British would not prevent the Portuguese from ultimately imprisoning him and Read more about Nghunghunyani: Exiled King and Freedom Fighter[…]