Celebrating SA’s heritage

The first nine extracts from the Our Story series in City Press was so well received that it was extended by another six weeks. Then we decided to include an extract from a forthcoming publication, making sixteen weeks of extracts from sixteen books. The stories are so popular that, together with City Press, the extracts are continuing with the addition of a further six titles. That makes a grand total of twenty-two weeks of fabulous extracts from this ground-breaking series.

“South Africans are thirsty to learn about their heritage and Terence Ball, of SA Heritage publishers is here to help ensure that we learn as much as we can about the stories of our past

It not only came up as one of the top topics of interest in recent reader research done by City Press, but the weekly Our Story heritage book extracts that run in our Voices section – which tell the stories of historical South African figures such as Shoshangana, Shaka and Sekhukhune – are being extended for another seven weeks owing to their popularity. City Press readers clearly want to know more about their roots, cultural histories and ancestors.

Terence Ball is the man behind Heritage Publishers, which he launched “to tell the previously unpublished stories of all South Africans before these are lost to us”. His company publishes nine indigenous-language dictionaries, as well as the massively valuable Our Story series…

…This led to Ball creating 21 titles telling the stories of our South African forefathers. He says his team has identified 70 more stories they would like to tell. The books are written by academics, historians and writers who do research.” – You can read the full article on w24.

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