Manthatise and Sekonyela

Manthatise and Sekonyela


ISBN: 9780992228897
Price: 105.00 (ZAR)

Manthatise and Sekonyela –

In the first of two books, we meet Manthatisi, Queen of the Wild Cat People, who is one of few women to make a name as a respected, beloved and regal leader. With her son, Sekonyela, too young to take over as chief of the Batlokwa, Manthatisi acted as regent until he came of age. This is the story of her courageous, clever and sometimes intimidating leadership during a time when chaos affected many peoples. It is an exciting tale of Manthatisi and Sekonyela’sBatlokwa as they prevailed against many formidable enemies, such as the mighty Matiwane and the statesman, Moshoeshoe. Read aboutthese great leaders, and how the forceful Mpangazitha set in motion a chain of events for the Batlokwa that established Manthatisi as a Queen to be honoured and remembered.

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