Maqoma 3

Maqoma Bk 3 Warrior and Peacemaker


ISBN: 9780994660084
Price: 105.00 (ZAR)

Maqoma 3 –

Warrior and Peacemaker

The final in a three-part story, this book highlights Maqoma’s lifetime concern, which was to keep the colonial patrol system from returning to Xhosaland. When his half-brother, Sandile, reached manhood in 1840, this heralded a newRharhabe ruler and the stepping aside of Maqoma. While he accepted Sandile’s rule, he continued to work actively to maintain peace with the powerful Cape Colony. In this book you can find out about the War of the Axe and the War of Mlanjeni and discover how Maqoma employed clever war strategies and tactics. Sadly, his struggles and continuous attacks led to his incarceration on Robben Island.

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