Muzila The Survivor

Muzila The Survivor: Son of Shoshangana


ISBN: 9780992228873
Price: 105.00 (ZAR)

Muzila The Survivor –

Son of Shoshangana

This book tells of Muzila, the son of Shoshangana, and the father of Nghunghunyani. After the death of Shoshangana, Muzila was determined to take control of the Gaza-Nguni kingdom from his brother, Mawewe. After a bitter struggle, and many battles, Muzila assumed the kingship. Even though he was a master statesman and military leader, Muzila began to find it difficult to maintain full control of the whole Gaza kingdom. Muzila, a shrewd politician, steered this multi-cultural and multi-ethnic kingdom through rapidly changing times, finally making an alliance with the Portuguese shortly before his death.

4 thoughts on “Muzila The Survivor

  • Muzila, the man of many talents … warrior; king; diplomat; greatest merger of all Tsonga sub-groups and preserver of the Tsonga/Shangaan culture as we know it best.

    The first king to recruit a Portuguese commissioner Joao Albasini a.k.a Jiwawa Albasini to become a fully Tsonga chief. Jiwawa Albasini died on the banks of Albasini dam outdide Valdezia close to Elim and Louis Trichardt in Limpopo Province.

    Jiwawa died a proud Tsonga chief; battalion commander of the Xipilongo (Spelonkeni) Gaza Regiment and greatest preserver of Tsonga/Shangaan people and culture.

    Ahi loseni vaNdavezitha;
    Khanimamba tinghala ta Gaza;
    Aluta Continua, Aluta Continua Gaza Kingdom.
    Your greatness will be restored to its former glory one day.

  • hello I am trying to find the origin of my grandfather he is 92 according to home affairs. He told me that after they moved to a place called Xipilongo now called Giyane. Chief/King Mpisane force everyone to speak Tsonga though they were difference tribes. I read in one of the articles that state that the was a leader in Xipilongo named Mnguni , he was a leader f Nguni speaking people. Its exactly what my grandfather told me. May you ples provide me with any information regarding this leader called Mnguni or his clan and I would love to know what happened to him.

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