September 21, 2015

Our Story



Fr the first time a series collects and retells, with equal importance and emphasis, the story of the ancestors of all South Africans. Most of these stories have their bi-centenary this century. Many are nearly forgotten even by those living in the provinces in which the events occurred. >Written in English for the First Additional Language learner, Our Story provides an opportunity for all South African learners to discover the stories of their own ancestors and those of their fellow citizens.

A Look Inside

The stories cross Southern Africa. We read about Dimbanyika, who in the aftermath of the collapse of the Monomotapa Empire (Great Zimbabwe) led his people across the Limpopo river to build Dzata 1 above the shores of Lake Fundudzi, the first settlement occupied by the Vhavenda within the borders of present day South Africa. Sweeping across the country to Mhlatuze River, the tale of the great battle between the Ndwandwe under Zwide Ka Langa and his two famous chiefs, Shoshangana Ka Nxumalo and Zwangendaba Ka Jele, and the Mthethwa under command of southern Africa’s greatest military leader Shaka Ka Senzagakhona, is told. Both Shoshangana and Zwangendaba, in defeat, founded two new nations: the Shangaan and Ngoni nations respectively.

The story is told of Nghunghuyani, grandson of Shoshangana and son of Muzila, who stood defiantly against Portuguese rule in Mozambique, was captured and exiled to the West Indies where he died far from the people and country he loved.

A look inside Our Story's Mzilikazi 1 pg.13A look inside Our Story's Mzilikazi 1 pg.43

Maqoma, Leboho, Mzilikazi, Moshoeshoe, Makhado and Sekhukhune are other famous names whose stories are told in an engaging way that will improve the reading abilities of learners and add to their knowledge of Social Sciences. The Our Story series will give them a sense of pride knowing that their past is worthy of memory, and their ancestors deserving of respect.

Each story has 10 000 words, is told through the medium of a traditional story teller, and has 25 captivating illustrations to lure both good and reluctant readers into the text.

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Help us make Our Story even better

Since the events described in these titles occurred, changes have been made to place names and their spelling. We have used the current commonly known spellings, names and terms. Should you have any comments to make about the stories, or any suggestions about stories that should be included in this series in future, please send them to our email address (