The Siege of Mafeking



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Siege of Mafeking –

The siege took place at the beginning of what was then known as the Anglo-Boer war. For a long time it was considered a ‘white man’s war’ but was not because it affected everyone who lived in South Africa, ultimately costing the Boers the war. This is the story of the siege from the perspective of the people who were intimately involved in it – British, Boer and Barolong. You will read about Colonel Robert Baden-Powell, the ‘defender of Mafeking’ and founder of the Boy Scouts movement; of Sol Plaatje who just happened to be in Mafeking at the time of the siege and who kept a diary throughout this period; of Mathakong, the cattle rustler who brought cattle into the town to ward off starvation, and the many ordinary men and women who were caught up in that tumultuous time.
The long-drawn out siege attracted so much interest from the British public, that when British forces finally relieved the town in May 1900, there was great rejoicing in the streets of London. Mafeking is remembered as the town which gave birth to the expression, ‘to maffick’, which means to celebrate excessively.

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