Week #3 Mzilikazi 1: A Khumalo Prince

Once a trusted general, Mzilikazi forced Shaka’s hand by defying him. Not able to withstand ongoing conflict with the great Shaka, Mzilikazi is forced to embark on what is now called his ‘Great Road’.

Mzilikazi Book 1

Buy the City Press each Sunday for an extract from the Our Story series. See the link below for the Mzilikazi 1: A Khumalo Prince extract which was published on 14 August 2016.

Mzilikazi 1: A Khumalo Prince at city-press.news24.com

4 thoughts on “Week #3 Mzilikazi 1: A Khumalo Prince

  • Great extract, especially on the correctness of history that has tainted Nzilikazi a cry baby who ran away from Shaka. Such narratives make African legends to be tainted and sore the spirit of discrimination among Africans. Indeed i agree with the previous posts that this book augments unity of Africans and helps us celebrate our past without shame

  • I am interested in knowing more about the author of this work. I am one of the living descendants here in South Africa.

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