Our Story

A series collects and retells the story of the ancestors of all South Africans.

Ancestral Voices

A recently discovered collection of writing of South African culture and history.

Badimo ba hao u ba hopole kamehla

Remember your ancestors always

On seeking advice from the respected sage Kgoshi Mohlommi, Kgoshi Moshoeshoe asked what he should do to become a respected leader of his people. The above statement was the last – and the South African Heritage team believe the most important – of four recommendations made to Kgoshi Moshoeshoe. Do you know the other three?

The Our Story series, conceived by four friends during a discussion in the rural Limpopo village of Vuwani, is a unique and important heritage initiative aimed at helping all South Africans become more informed and aware of their rich heritage. Written in easily accessible English each title is an introduction to South Africa’s intriguing past. Not only are they a valuable social sciences resource, they have an important role as readers in the language classroom at intermediate, senior and FET phases. They are also informative leisure reading for South Africans of all ages. Over time, South African Heritage Publishers aims to cover stories of all South Africa’s people – a daunting and challenging objective.

Currently there are twenty-three published titles available. These are widely acclaimed and, in a first for South Africa’s heritage initiatives, have been purchased and catalogued by the Library of Congress in Washington. This library has expressed the intention of acquiring all new titles as they are published.

We recently launched an active Facebook page which has attracted over 11 000 followers in only nine weeks, attesting to the growing popularity of the Our Story series.

Title and City Press Serialisation Date
9781928326298 Dingiswayo,  29 June
9781928326281 The Rebellion of Langalibalele,  19 July
9781928326205 Matiwane’s amaNgwane,  12 July
9781928326137 Shaka: From Outcast to King (Bk 1 of 5),  5 July
9781928326083 Kimberley (Bk 1 of 2),  9 Aug
9781928326113 Kimberley (Bk 2 of 2),  16 Aug
9781928326144 Shaka 2 of 5 Lord of the Battlefield,  26 July
9781928326182 Sinking of the Eole,  2 Aug
9781928326199 Game and Gold,  23 Aug
9780992228897 Manthatisi and Sekonyela (Bk 2 of 2),  30 Aug
9781928326151 Shaka (Bk 3 of 5),  6 Sep

Our Story Press Release 28 April 2020