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South African Heritage Publishers
"The remarkable story of the people and events in South Africa"

Heritage Publishers was launched to tell the previously unpublished stories of all South Africans before these are lost to us.

Through the Our Story series, Heritage Publishers hopes to preserve the future of our past. We hope that the Our Story series will generate new interest in the remarkable story of the people and events in South Africa.

Further, Heritage Publishers is the publisher for nine indigenous language National Lexicography Units. These are State Agencies constitutionally and legislatively mandated to elevate the status and increase the use of our indigenous languages.

"For the past thirty years I have had the extraordinary good fortune to travel frequently through rural southern Africa and South Africa in particular. During this time I have formed close friendships with South Africans of all backgrounds, learning a little of each of our languages and a great deal about the past of our people.

Our Story was born in the garden of the house of a friend, Konanani Mathivha, when we acknowledged how little is known about the exploits of our ancestors. My friend turned to me and said, “You know a little of each South African language. You understand the challenges faced by educators in our schools. You appreciate the culture and past of all our people. And you have extensive publishing experience, why don’t you do something about it?”

I hope that this series excites the reader and that they find as much pleasure as I have in discovering the stories of our ancestors along with a new respect for them and the challenges they faced."

~Terence Ball


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